Kristen Stewart Calls Herself 'Destructive' & We Wonder Why?!

Typically tight-lipped Kristen Stewart gave a very revealing interview recently. Speaking about her new Balenciaga fragrance, she reportedly said about the typical woman who would wear the scent:

She's free. One can tap into the qualities they might not know they have when they wear Balenciaga. For me, it is a boldness. A very destructive assertiveness. I recognize myself when I wear it, which is important. The fragrance is everything that I like.

Wow, it's really interesting what stars will reveal about themselves when they're asked vague questions about a fragrance! I mean, did Kristen really just admit she's "destructive"?!


Of course, she was talking about some hypothetical Balenciaga perfume-wearing chick, but she also reportedly said "I recognize myself when I wear it." This is like a Rorschach test!

Well, let me get all Freudian for a minute. Kristen recognizes herself as "destructive" -- and we all know what happened with her relationship with Rob. She made a huge mistake and it probably ultimately caused the downfall of the duo.

Let's not forget we don't know much about what happened before Kristen hooked up with her married director Rupert Sanders. Perhaps Rob had stepped out and she was getting back at him. Perhaps they were in a break or "off" moment. Who knows.

What is clear is that things seemed to go downhill very rapidly from there, with a complete break right afterwards. And, of course, Rupert's wife, Liberty, divorced him. So this wasn't just some little flirtation.

I think it's really telling that Kristen calls herself "destructive" -- and also honest. You can't learn and grow and change unless you're honest. So hopefully KStew is doing that.

Do you think Kristen was talking about herself?


Image via Balenciaga Paris

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