Jessica Simpson's Sexy Three-Way Girl Kiss Is Nothing but Sweet (PHOTOS)

jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson seems to have some super close friendships. You know the kind we once had in elementary school and we held hands with our besties and skipped out to the park together? The kinds of friends we had sleepovers with as we snuggled in the same sleeping bag after braiding each other's hair? Jessica has that with her lady friends and her latest Instagram photos are revealing just how sweet and close these friends really are. 

In this photo, the gorgeous in orange Jessica got super leggy and close with Odette Annable. And in this other photo, there is another friend in the photo and they have a three-way kiss going on.


Here's J. Simp with Odette and Stephenie Pearson smooching while at friend Kathryn Sykora's baby shower in Los Angeles. This kind of girl friendship is exactly what every girl really needs. It seems like she has a great support system with her friends. So sweet.

Wait. What's that I hear? Annoyance? Some think this is disgusting? Wondering what's up with the tongue?

I think it's just girls having fun. No big deal. Innocent. Sweet.

What do you think of Jessica's three-way girlfriend kiss?


Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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