Kate Middleton Receives Harsh Criticism for 'Abandoning' Prince George

Prince William Kate MiddletonOh, for crying out loud. Would you believe that Prince William and Kate Middleton are facing backlash over their trip to the Maldives? They're currently vacationing there to soak up a little sun and get some rest ahead of their Royal Tour next month -- and now some folks are outraged over their little excursion.

Duh. People just can't seem to believe that they took the journey without Prince George, you know -- because parents who take a break from their kids are just plain selfish and irresponsible.


The royal couple has been called out on Twitter, with one user even going so far as to say, "These two really piss me off." And here's another choice comment from someone who is obviously a real sanctimommy: "I like them but am shocked by this, just makes me think they are the same old royals ... Can’t imagine choosing to be so far from my baby for so long."

(Well aren't you just mother of the freakin' year, lady.)

OMG. I guess I can sort of understand people giving Kate and Prince William shit over how much money they are spending staying at the Cheval Blanc Randheli Resort -- but do they really deserve such harsh words for choosing to take a trip by themselves?

It's not like they dumped Prince George off with a random stranger or something. He's staying with Kate's mum and dad at their Berkshire mansion, and I'm sure he's being spoiled to pieces by his grandparents right about now.

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I'm sorry, but anyone who is giving them a hard time about leaving their baby to enjoy some time on their own is either a.) insanely jealous of them, or b.) really needs to cut the cord and get a break from their kids once in a while.

Yes, traveling as a family is wonderful. But Prince William and Kate still need to take time away and enjoy life as a couple -- just as all parents deserve to do.

I'm sure we all agree that our children are the most important things in our lives. But being away from them for a few days (or longer) doesn't mean we don't care about them or don't love them. If anything, it means we are even more committed to making sure we're doing the best job possible as parents by recharging our batteries and focusing on keeping our marriages strong and healthy.

Good for Kate and Wills for recognizing that a little time away will do them and Prince George a whole lot of good in the long run. Hopefully they know that they're doing a great job as parents, and shouldn't let people's narrow minded opinions on raising kids bring them down.

Do you think William and Kate were wrong to leave Prince George?


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