Lena Dunham Gets Naked on 'SNL' Because Of Course She Did (VIDEO)

Lena Dunham

Well? Lena Dunham's hosting gig on Saturday Night Live definitely didn't disappoint fans, and once again, she proved that she's just as confident as ever.

And while she showcased her talents in a variety of sketches, by far her most daring was her "Girl" skit with Taran Killam, which told the story of Adam and Eve through the eyes of Lena and her Girls co-star, Adam Driver.

Check it out.


Ha! Classic Lena, right? My favorite line by far has to be, "Can you please not apple shame me? I know I committed original sin, but at least it's original. I think I deserve some credit for that -- or at least a publishing deal."

(Oh come on, how can you not laugh at "apple shaming?")

You gotta love how she just puts it all out there without giving a crap what anyone thinks. And she set the tone for the night right from the get-go, since the subject of sex totally permeated her opening monologue.

(Man. She's a piece of work! In a great way, of course.)

What did you think of Lena as an SNL host?


Image via NBC

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