Robin Thicke May Have Finally Accepted His Marriage Is Over

Robin ThickeCould Robin Thicke be resigning himself to the reality that estanged wife Paula Patton does not want to save the marriage? After turning his Blurred Lines tour into a virtual campaign to win back his wife, who filed for divorce, Thicke has been quite open about wanting to keep the marriage together. But Paula has been having none of it. So maybe Robin is finally getting the hint because he has finally been photographed without his wedding ring.


On Friday, Robin was spotted in New York City, walking around town without his wedding ring on. But it was only five days earlier that Robin sang Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" and dedicated it to her. What could have happened in those five days?

Robin has certainly been laying it on thick (ha!) in an attempt to patch things up with the mother of his 4-year-old son, not only telling fans at concerts that he is trying to "win her back" but also having huge bouquets of flowers delivered to her home.

But how did Paula feel about all of this? Apparently she felt kind of like McKayla Maroney did at the Olympics -- not impressed. "She didn't let it ruin her evening," a source told US Weekly about Paula ignoring one of Robin's public appeals for rapproachment.

No doubt Paula has gotten to the point where she feels like she's heard it all from Robin before. You can only imagine how many times he promised this, that and the other thing before she finally pulled the plug.

So maybe the fact that he's not wearing his wedding ring means he's finally given up. Something tells me he won't totally stop his Paula appeals until the tour is over though -- it's good for business.

Do you think these two will ever reconcile?


Image via NCP/Star Max/Getty

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