'Mean Girls' Reunion Is Happening But Why Didn't Anyone Tell Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan

Omigod, you guys, this is so fetch! Okay, I'll stop trying to make "fetch" happen. But listen, you know how Lindsay Lohan said on Jimmy Fallon that there might be a Mean Girls reunion for the tenth-year anniversary of the superawesome Old School Lindsay Lohan movie? The movie that catapulted her to stardom and then, well, it was all downhill from there? Turns out there will be a reunion! TMZ reports that this IS happening. Apparently, writer Tina Fey has quietly been planning the reunion behind the scenes for weeks now. But! And this maybe isn't so shocking ... Lindsay was the last to know.


TMZ says that Tina, along with other stars from the cast, including Amy Poehler (remember her awesome turn as the pathetic best friend-y mom?), have already agreed to be on board.

But what would the reunion be without Lindsay? Why even bother getting it together but not mentioning it to the star of the movie until weeks later?

My guess is that Tina was waiting to see how Lindsay was, if you catch my drift. It's no secret that Linds has had some, ahem, things going on.

Of course, the cast also needs Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert.

But what would the reunion look like? I personally think an entire sequel is in order -- why not? Anything Tina Fey would write would be funny. She could transport the mean girls of high school to the mean girls of some office somewhere.

But chances are, it will just be a comedy sketch, possibly on some awards show.

Odd how the main cast turned out ... Lacey Chabert was arguably the most famous of the girls during the film thanks to her turn in Party of Five. After that, it was Lindsay. Now, however, it's Rachel and Amanda who get the lead roles. And, Lindsay, well, things haven't gone so smoothly.

Believe it or not, not even Tina or Amy was well-known out of Saturday Night Live at the time -- but now the duo are an awards-show powerhouse as well as having super successful solo careers.

And please let's not forget Tim Meadows! Reunion not complete without him! (And LiLo's original lips? Too late?)

Do you want to see a reunion?

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