Robert Pattinson's Smoldering New Pic Is Just What the Doctor Ordered (PHOTO)

Robert Pattinson

Damn. He looked hot in earmuffs. And frolicking in the snow while attempting to wrangle cattle. But honestly, those shots from Robert Pattinson's new film, Life, don't hold a candle to a new pic that just popped up on Twitter.

Rob's co-star in the flick, Dane DeHaan, shared it with his followers and gave us our first glimpse of him as James Dean and of Rob sitting in the front seat of a sleek, black car.

Feast your eyes on the serious, bold, and sexy Rob we all know and love.


Dane DeHaan & Robert Pattinson

You're welcome.

What other dude can give a total blank stare and make us swoon over how dreamy he is? It's like we can't help but wonder what is going through that sexy brain of his. (Duh. I know he's in character in this shot. Just go with it.)

He's yummy. We can't get enough. And we want to see more. Fingers crossed Dane keeps the pictures coming as filming continues.

Are you looking forward to seeing this movie?


Image via Twitter

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