Kristen Stewart Is Really Making a Fool of Herself

Kristen StewartHuh. When I first saw pics of her on the set of her new film, Still Alice, I figured she was shooting a bunch of scenes in the rain or something. But now that Kristen Stewart is still shielding herself with an umbrella in between takes in New York City -- it's obvious she's hiding something or she's hiding from someone. (Like the paps, probably.)

And I know KStew carrying an umbrella around isn't exactly news, but what's so strange is that she's never really done anything like this before.


She can't be trying to keep eyes off her newly highlighted hair, right? 

This is so odd, I'm not even sure what to make of it, but if Kristen keeps carrying that thing around? There's a very good chance that it could result in an even better meme than the Robert Pattinson with a cow one.

Can't you just picture Bella trying to block the glare of Sparkles when he steps into the sunlight? Or perhaps a scene of her smooching a married man underneath it? (I know. Kind of a low jab. Couldn't resist.)

Ooo! Or even that scene of Bella in Breaking Dawn where she's on her first hunt for blood. An umbrella would fit in nicely as she cowers behind that tree, don't you think?

KStew under an umbrella. It's the latest craze. Just accept it, people.

What do you think Kristen is hiding from?


Image via Splash

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