Jared Leto Says What We're All Thinking About Klutzy Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrenceIt seems that everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence. She's cute and pretty and funny and down-to-earth and makes good movies and trips and falls a lot. You know what I call that? The Julia Roberts formula. J. Law has it down stumbling all over the place because she's tripping on her fancy gowns. Soon she'll be barefoot just like Julia likes to be.

This isn't a bad thing. Someone has to be the "new" Julia and who better than Jennifer. But it does leave me with some questions. It left Jared Leto with some questions, too. He told Access Hollywood this about J. Law and her tripping and falling bits: "You know, I'm starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act." Gasp! An act? Why yes! A Julia Roberts act!


J. Law lovers shouldn't start an "I hate Jared Leto" campaign. You know how these fancy stars like to rib on each other. In true Julia Roberts style, I'm sure Jennifer is laughing about it thinking how Jared can be her George Clooney. He is kind of Leto-esque. Both had roles on amazing TV shows before being Oscar-worthy. (E.R. and My So-Called Life in case you forgot.) Though Clooney isn't in a band. Whatever.

Leto is just stating out loud what I've been thinking. Maybe Jennifer is faking it or that she has it in her head that she wants to be like Julia and she psyches herself into it happening. Maybe she's got herself all dizzy thinking, I need to not fall! I need to be poised! And then the opposite happens, making us all fall deeper into her spell. Just like we all did with Julia.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence and her falls? The next Julia? What do you think of what Leto said?


Image via jdeeringdavis/Flickr

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