Now Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Twins -- Again

Kate MiddletonSigh. Why in the heck isn't anyone ever satisfied when a gal has her first baby? It's like everyone expects her to pop another kid out as soon as possible, something even the Duchess of Cambridge isn't exempt from.

And now OK! magazine is reporting that Kate Middleton is expecting twins, which has to be the biggest bunch of rubbish we've heard since ... well -- the last time the tabloids suggested Kate had two buns in the oven.

Gah. Aren't regular old pregnancy rumors enough these days? I guess the idea of the royal couple giving Prince George not one, but two siblings is just way more intriguing.


Here's the thing -- no one would be the least bit shocked if Kate turns up preggo again sometime in the next year or two. But can't people give her a break and stop jumping to conclusions, for crying out loud?!?

Prince William mentioning something about wanting to have two daughters is not a pregnancy announcement. Can't we just leave them alone and let them share their happy news in due time, when and if it happens?

And sadly, I highly doubt this is the last time poor Kate will be plastered on the cover of a "magazine" with some headline talking about how she's "pregnant for real this time." 

But until that news comes directly from the Palace, I'm not buying it for one second.

Do you really think Kate is pregnant again ... with twins?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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