Aaron Carter Tries to Woo Hilary Duff Back With Silly Tweets

When a man is trying to woo you, are there any sweeter words to hear than "Don't be that stupid douche"? I think not. And Aaron Carter clearly knows the myriad ways into a woman's heart. Granted, this may not be the way, in fact, it's definitely not the way, but who can blame a guy for trying, right? Well, I can. You see, apparently Aaron is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend from a bazillion years ago and he tweeted:

When a fan asked whether he was referring to Hilary Duff, he replied: "Sure am." And those crickets you heard were the sound of Hilary not swooning.


Hilary, who is newly single after her separation from husband Mike Comrie, probably isn't aching to get back with Carter. She's a new mom, and Aaron's newly bankrupt. He reportedly earns $2,000 a month and lives with a relative in Florida. Hey, I'm not saying Hilary deserves better, but yes, I am.

Also, Carter cheated on her with Lindsay Lohan! Need I say more? Okay, I will. Hilary, please, girl! Never go back to a cheater! Especially one that cheats with Lindsay Lohan!

Aaron also retweeted a pic of Hilary with the caption "Hilary Duff is flawless," and then tweeted:

If Aaron gave himself an anxiety attack, you can only imagine how Hilary feels. She, not surprisingly, has not tweeted back. Probably too busy looking into a restraining order.

Do you think they should get back together?


Image via Lucy Nicholson/Getty

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