Kim Kardashian Insults Kanye West Without Even Realizing It

Kim Kardashian & Kris JennerD'oh! That had to hurt. It's no secret that Kanye West has a preference as far as what kind of clothes she wears, which is why he can't be too thrilled to hear that Kim Kardashian is giving Kris Jenner the credit for her style.

(Oh yes. She went there.)

You know how Kris turns up wearing things that make us wonder whether or not she raided Kim's closet? Well, as it turns out, it might be the other way around.


Check out what Kim had to say about her fashion sense in a recent blog post.

I thought it was so funny how alike my mom and I dress sometimes, so I wanted to share some of my favorite pics of us and our unintentional matching. People are always saying my mom and I are so similar, and I can see why ... I feel so blessed to have her great sense of style!

Aww. How sweet of her to pay Kris a compliment that huge (which you know Kris is lurrvvving).

I guess we can throw the theory about Kris trying her hardest to look like Kim out the window then? Who knew that Kim was the one who was attempting to re-create Kris' looks, one fabulous ensemble at a time?

But let's get back to Kanye -- because there's no way he's going to be happy about this. I mean, he made Kim who she is today ... right? The reason she looks so amazing is because he has such a keen eye for fabulous duds. Without his help, Kim would probably wind up dressing like ... her mom. (Oh, wait. Never mind.)

Do you think Kris has influenced Kim's style?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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