Batkid May Have Been Cut From Oscars Because of Actor's Hissy Fit

BatkidYou guys remember Batkid, don't you? Sure you do, who could forget little Miles Scott, the adorable 5-year-old leukemia patient who got to be a superhero for a day back in November thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. People went nuts for Batkid, with tens of thousands who gathered to see him save San Francisco-turned-Gotham City and hundreds of thousands of tweets circulating about the event.

Well, it turns out that Batkid, whose leukemia is thankfully in remission, was scheduled to appear onstage during the Oscars on Sunday night. He and his family had traveled for the event, rehearsed his routine inside the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, and had Miles all prepped in a pint-sized tuxedo -- when his segment was abruptly canceled by the Academy. Worse, they gave no explanation to Miles or his family for cutting him from the show.


Batkid was supposed to walk out on the stage with Andrew Garfield after a video montage of movie heroes, but on Sunday morning, Miles' parents were told he would no longer be part of the ceremony. According to Miles' mom Natalie,

I don’t know if they ran out of time, of if there was something about the segment they didn’t like. It got pulled so quickly that we didn’t have a lot of insight into what was going on. It is kind of a disappointment, but things happen.

An Academy spokesperson has since explained that it was nothing personal, they just couldn't make the Batkid segment work:

Due to the nature of a live show, hard decisions sometimes must be made which require the Academy to cut segments due to the logistics of production.

That totally sucks for Miles, because I'm sure he was super excited about his appearance. His mom even said that he was hanging on to two loose teeth so he'd look as snazzy as possible in his tux. (Aw.) What's really lame, though, is there's a rumor going around that the reason the Batkid bit was axed at the last minute is because of Andrew Garfield:

In the middle of the dress rehearsal, Garfield decided he didn’t like his lines. Garfield refused to go by the script. He came up with his own lines. The producers felt that Garfield’s [rewrites] were not appropriate. Garfield had a tantrum. He stormed off. Miles and his family, who were at the rehearsal, were devastated.

I kind of suspect that part is bullshit, but who knows. At any rate, the Academy paid for a decent consolation prize: Miles and his parents spent the day at Disneyland. Frankly, that sounds like more fun for a 5-year-old than appearing at the Oscars, but it's too bad we didn't get to see Batkid on Sunday -- I bet it would have been more entertaining than watching Ellen deliver pizzas to the audience.

Are you bummed the Batkid segment was cut from the Oscars?

Image via Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area

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