Cressida Bonas Is Giving Kate Middleton a Run for Her Money

Cressida BonasGah. She's not even a royal yet, and already Cressida Bonas is creeping up on Kate Middleton as far as who everyone's favorite British lady happens to be.

Researchers at Tatler magazine polled people to find out who they'd most like to invite to a party. Believe it or not, Prince Harry and Cressida were second on the list, beating out Kate and Wills.

Actually, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn't even make it into the top 10!

(What is wrong with these folks?!?)


Who wouldn't want to have Kate and Prince William attend a party at their pad? That was my initial reaction when I found out about this, but then I took a step back and thought about it a little harder.

And honestly, as fab as Kate and William are -- I think I'd definitely rather hang with Cress and Harry. I mean, I feel like the two of them would be a little more into the party scene and also wouldn't be quick to judge if I knocked back a few too many wines. (And if anyone suggested a game of strip poker, Harry would be all in.)

But getting bombed in front of Kate Midds, on the other hand? Um ... I'm not sure I could handle the embarrassment of that scenario. She'd be appalled and disgusted -- and then I'd forever be known as the chick who got wasted and humiliated herself in front of the classiest woman on the planet.

Yep. Cressida and Harry get my vote.

How about you? Who would you rather invite to a party?


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