Taylor Swift's Pics of Road Trip With BFF Are NOT What They Seem (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Mar 6, 2014 Celebrities

Taylor and Karlie Taylor Swift gets a lot of flack from a lot of people. One of those people is me. I'd feel bad about it, but her other flack-givers include Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, so I feel as though I'm in good company. Lately Taylor's been trying to undo some of the bad PR caused by her notoriously tumultuous love life by playing up the fact that she's a girl's girl.

You know, forever hanging out with her lady friends, painting nails, and sucking down cookie dough raw from the tube in between bouts of girlish tooting. Normal lady stuff.

It's great that Taylor's got so many lady friends with whom she is very close. Truly, having close girlfriends is important. Not just because girls are fun, but for all the reasons it's important to have a bestie.

But Taylor is flaunting her friendships like she's got something to prove, and it's making my eyes roll back so far in my head that I might require medical attention.

Take for example her recent road trip with her 'bestie,' supermodel Karlie Kloss. There's nothing like going on a road-trip with your best friend. I just did it in January. But real-life road-trips aren't Noxzema ads. You wear crusty clothes, you don't shower, you live on fast food, and it's all awesome.

The pictures Karlie and Taylor shared of their 'road trip' were totally unbelievable. It was like a movie about friends, not a real friendship. If these photos are supposed to make us like Taylor and relate to her more, I'm afraid they kind of had the opposite effect. Check out the pics are judge for yourself.

Do you like going on epic road-trips?


Image via Instagram

  • Ugh, We Get It: You Are Both Adorable


    Image via Instagram

    When I go on a roadtrip, no photos are taken because my entire body is covered in Cheeto dust. Just sayin'.

  • Jump!


    Image via Instagram

    This is from that time when I pushed them both out of a plane. True story.

  • Easy as A-B-C


    Image via Instagram

    Karlie had to bring Taylor because she does not know how to read.

  • We Call This Instagram Filter ...


    Image via Instagram

    ... "Where are all the hotties at?"

  • What You Can't See ...


    Image via Instagram

    ... is that this photo was taken right after Karlie's head was surgically attached to Taylor's shoulder. You know. For fun and recreation.

  • Run!


    Image via Instagram

    Though they survived the fall from the plane, they had to run as fast as they could because I was chasing them. Covered in the aforementioned Cheeto-dust.

  • Big Tree


    Image via Instagram

    Moments later, the tree fell, crushing them both.

  • Oh, Karlie


    Image via Instagram

    Fun story, it looks like Karlie's posing but she's actually just fleeing a bear.

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