Kanye West Puts Kim Kardashian on an Even Shorter Leash

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestIt's totally understandable that he's upset over what happened to his lady love at the Vienna ball, and that's why Kanye West is forbidding Kim Kardashian to accept paid dates from this point forward.

In case you can't remember, some dude showed up with his face painted black at the ball and started taunting Kim, so she stormed out. And that was the last straw for Kanye, who has determined that accepting paid appearances only "cheapens Kim's brand" and also "steals her soul."

Plus, the two of them are already loaded, so he just doesn't see the need for her to torture herself for the sake of making a few extra bucks.


I know Kanye has been more than a little controlling of Kim in the past, but I gotta say -- this is one of the smartest moves he's ever made.

Now that Kim is a mom, she shouldn't be putting herself in situations where she isn't comfortable, especially when there's really no good reason to do so. I mean, how much bigger can her "brand" get at this point? Everyone who's anyone knows exactly who Kim Kardashian is, so it's not like she needs these gigs to help her become more famous or anything like that.

If anything, Kanye keeping closer tabs on Kim only proves how much he cares about her, because he doesn't want her being humiliated like she was in Vienna ever again.

Besides, with the wedding only a couple of months away, Kim has better things to do than go out with random dudes in exchange for cash. Considering her leash is likely to get even shorter after she becomes Mrs. Kanye West, she might as well get used to giving in to his requests now. The last thing she needs is to make him feel betrayed right before they get hitched.

Do you think Kanye is too controlling of Kim?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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