Kristen Stewart Can't Hide Her Fabulous Secret Forever (PHOTOS)

Kristen StewartWe really haven't seen her out in public all that much lately, but now that she's on the set of Still Alice in New York City, you'd think Kristen Stewart sightings would be a dime a dozen.

And while she's no doubt focused on her work and isn't worried about flashing her pearly whites for the masses, showing off her face a little more wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Especially since Kristen seems to be guarding the best kept beauty secret she's had to date.


I know it's a little hard to tell from these photos, but KStew has some honey highlights going on in her hair, and they're totally gorgeous. Here's one more that sort of shows them off.

Kristen Stewart

Why in the heck does she keep hiding under that umbrella? I know, I know -- it's probably for the sake of whatever scene she's filming, but the darn thing is getting kind of annoying.

(Is it even raining in the city right now?)

Dear Kristen -- this is the best you've looked in a really, really long time. So quit concealing your head with that stupid thing and come out into the open already. We all deserve a better glimpse of whatever the heck you've done to your hair.

From what you can tell, do you like Kristen's new look?


Images via Splash

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