Another Huge 'RHOA' Cast Brawl Is Brewing (VIDEO)

real housewivesAnyone who watches The Real Housewives of Atlanta knows that those women are experts in causing drama. They are, quite arguably, the most vicious of the Bravo stars. Turns out, so are their husbands. These dudes bitch and brawl right alongside their better halves. One, however, seems to always be in the center of the drama: Cynthia Bailey's husband Peter Thomas. Wait until you see what he's done now.


It has been the most turbulent RHOA season ever. Everyone has been feuding and fighting. Finally, the cast seemed to be at peace as they headed away for a group vacation to Mexico, and what does Peter do? Try to stir up some more s**t. A couple of episodes ago, he got into an argument with NeNe Leakes. This time, however, he has Porsha Stewart in his crosshairs.

Why bring up her ex-husband at what is supposed to be the start of a fun, relaxing trip? He should know better than to try to start trouble when they are in a confined space like a limo. This group is known to throw a punch or two when things get heated. Fortunately, Porsha doesn't seem to take the bait.

However, that is not the only trouble Peter gets himself into during the vacay. Another teaser reveals that he and NeNe's husband Gregg nearly come to blows. Check out the in-your-face moment at about 1 minute in:

All of these crazy, testosterone-filled outbursts are so unnecessary. This is not the Real Husbands show. Peter should back off and leave the catfights to the ladies. He’s clearly been hanging out in the viper pit too long. He totally loses his bro card for this one.

Do you think Peter is inserting himself in too much of the drama?


Image via BravoTV

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