Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Wedding Date Is Right Around the Corner

kim kardashian kanye westWhile it may not necessarily be a "fairytale" wedding that's already set to air in two parts on E!, Kim Kardashian's upcoming nuptials to Kanye West will most definitely be a major event for the Kardashian crew. And while we heard they were waiting 'til summer to tie the knot, rumor has it that they've set the date for just a little more than two months from now!

Yep, apparently, the Big Day will be May 24 ... in Paris, as Kim confirmed to Ryan Seacrest last week. So soon!


Thus, it will be the ultimate day every bride vies for -- aka a Saturday -- but guests, such as Beyonce and Jay Z, will reportedly be flown in several days before that. Likely to spread out the celebration and make their wedding more like a French getaway for their loved ones, I'd bet.

No real scoop on why May 24. (I'm doubting they consulted an astrologer, unless Kim learned from her mistake of not doing so for her wedding to Kris Humphries. The stars couldn't have been LESS aligned for those "I do"s!) Nonetheless, The Daily Mail points out that a comet is predicted to burst through Earth's atmosphere and create a brilliant meteor shower that lights up the sky that night. So, hey, at the very least -- free fireworks?!

Aside from that, Kim will reportedly "have one dress change," according to the source. And the gown will be fitted, curve-hugging. Plus, "North will have a large role in the wedding." Aww!

And as for that "super small, intimate" description Kim gave the fete? Ha ha! These in-the-know insiders claim The Kim & Kanye Wedding Special will air in the fall. So I guess we -- and millions of others -- will be "invited," after all.

Do you believe this latest gossip? Do you hope the wedding airs on TV?

Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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