8 Stars We Wish Hadn't Turned Down 'DWTS' (PHOTOS)

Ericka Sóuter | Mar 5, 2014 Celebrities

bill clintonI was pretty excited for the next season of Dancing With the Stars ... that is, until the new lineup was announced. Aside from NeNe Leakes -- the notorious, trouble-starting diva on Real Housewives of Atlanta -- everyone else seems kinda blah. If I am going to tune in for two hours, I need to care about the celebs who may potentially fall face first onto the dance floor. But show producers did their best to sign on the big names. Problem is, so many people have passed on the opportunity. Take a look at the 8 stars we really wish hadn't turned down the show.


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  • Mark Zuckerberg


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    In 2010, the Facebook founder was offered a spot in the cast. Not surprisingly, he turned down the chance. No doubt he's infinitely better at writing code than a waltz, but we sure would like to see him try.

  • Lindsay Lohan


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    The show reportedly offered LiLo big bucks -- $550,000 -- to join the cast. She turned it down, hoping to revive her film career instead. Total bummer. Watching her would have been epic.

  • Paula Deen


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    The scandal-plagued cook passed on the opportunity. I imagine she was afraid of being booed off the ballroom floor for her alleged racist rants. But it could have actually helped her rep.

  • Bill Clinton


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    It would have been a MAJOR score getting former president Clinton to sign on. Who wouldn't want to see his legendary moves? But alas, he wasn't up for this particular race. "Actually they contacted me once about this," he said. "I told them I didn't have the time to train for it. You know you actually go out there and you train, you really work at it. So I had to pass. But I think it's a hoot."

  • Sylvester Stallone


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    He may be tough in the ring, but we wonder if the Rocky star is so swift on the dance floor. Unfortunately, we'll never know. He wasn't interested.

  • Gayle King


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    Sure Gayle is super likable, but the real reason she would have been a dream contestant? The possibility of Oprah popping up in the audience to cheer her bestie on.

  • Jason Alexander


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    He'll always be George Costanza to us. How fun would it be to watch him bust a move on the dance floor? The only thing better would be if his Seinfeld parents signed on!

  • Ann Coulter


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    She's the political pundit everyone loves to hate. Who knows? This could actually bring out her softer side. She was almost enticed by the big pay check, but ultimately declined.

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