Pippa Middleton's Famous Bum Is Making Headlines Again

pippa middleton nico jackson Pippa Middleton may have recently admitted that her bum potentially made too good of an impression at the royal wedding, but it looks like at least the Duchess of Cambridge's sister's beau is cool with it!

Pippa, her stockbroker boyfriend of almost a year, Nico Jackson, and his grandparents were spied "holidaying" (I am totally campaigning to start using that more on this side of the pond!) recently at the Austrian ski resort of Lech, where Russian billionaires and oligarchs hang out and apres-ski shopping surpasses even Rodeo Drive (think Cartier, Rolex, Chanel). And judging from flirty shots of the couple on and off the slopes, Nico's a BIG fan of his girlfriend's famous rear.


Too funny. Yep, he couldn't be more obvious!

That's okay, though. If anyone should be allowed to openly appreciate Pippa's bum, it's her man. And whether or not she "stole" Kate's spotlight with her curves almost three years ago (puhleeez), the Duchess's sister deserves to own her assets! Really, fingers crossed she harbors NO shame for nothing more than the rockin' bod she was born with!

Do you think Pippa has any reason to be self-conscious about her bum?

Image via Ringo, PacificCoastNews

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