Robert Pattinson Is Trying Hard to Change the One Thing We Hate About Him

Robert PattinsonRemember that photo of Robert Pattinson smoking on the set of his new film, Life, that was taken a week or so ago? Yeah, don't worry because it grossed me out too.

I mean, I know seeing an actor puff on a cigarette in between takes isn't exactly a shocker, but let's be honest. Smoking kind of makes you stink to high hell. And considering how sexy Rob is, it's really no fun to try and picture getting all cozy with him only to realize he smells (and tastes) like an ash tray.

But it looks as though there is good news in this situation, people.


As it turns out, Rob has been smoking e-cigarettes -- not the real deal.

Hmm. Even though he hasn't totally kicked the habit, it's definitely a step in the right direction that he's slowly weaning himself off the cancer sticks.

This is a pretty big lifestyle change for him, which kind of makes you wonder whether or not he's going in a healthier, new direction with his life in the wake of his split from Kristen Stewart.

What's next? Daily jogs, countless trips to the gym, smoothies, and a vegan diet?

I'm only half kidding, you guys. Wouldn't you love to see Rob turn over a new leaf and reinvent himself? Getting his health back on the right track is the first step to what could be a much needed, post-KStew transformation.

Yep. I'm already digging the new Rob and he isn't even a thing yet. (Bet he smells pretty good.)

Are you proud of Rob for trying to get healthier?


Image via Splash

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