Police Release Revealing Pics of Justin Bieber's Tattoos (PHOTOS)

is this the face that launched a thousand ships?When Justin Bieber was arrested under suspicion for DUI in January, he probably had a lot on his mind. Would he go to jail for real? How would this case be portrayed in the media? Was his career over forever? Who was hotter, he or Little Za? His concerns were likely as varied as they were valid.

But I bet he wasn't worried about the nation taking a gander at his wiener on the Internet. Though in recent days, that might have been added to Bieber's list of worries when a discussion as to whether or not a tape of him taking a urine test would be made public. Luckily for the Biebs (and for my eyes, which have already seen far too much), his wiener will go unseen by the masses -- for now, anyway.


But that doesn't mean we as a nation are left sans Bieber to ogle. Photos from the night of his arrest have been released, and in addition to chronicling the embarrassing exploits of a scared little boy, we are also made privy to his collection of tattoos. We've compiled some shots here for your examination. Here's to Bieber, long may he biebs.

Do you have any tattoos that you regret? I have a foot-long sword on my back. This is not even remotely a joke.


Images via Miami Police Department

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