Ellen's Epic Oscars Selfie May Not Be So Awesome for Ellen (PHOTO)

oscars selfieYou know the epic selfie Ellen took at the Oscars on Sunday? The one with Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, and Lupita Nyong'o? AKA the Mother of All Selfies? It's not actually Ellen's photo. Weird, right? See, even though the shot was taken with Ellen's totally-not-conspicuously-sponsored Samsung smartphone, and she's the one who organized the pic, it's Bradley Cooper who owns the photo, because he's the one who snapped the selfie. Any use of the pic without his permission is a violation of the copyright, and any use of the pic on TV needs to be with Bradley's consent. Technically, even Ellen can't use it on her show without Cooper's blessing!


I seriously doubt that Bradley Cooper, or Ellen for that matter, cares about who owns the pic. I think it was just a silly, fun thing they did during the Oscars. I definitely don't think Cooper thought, "Haha! I'm the one taking the pic, so now this is mine muahahahaha!"

The important thing here is Bradley Cooper stands to make even more money than he already has, if this photo is reproduced or used on TV. As long as celebs keep getting richer, all is right with the world. And hey, if Bradley ever decided to quit acting, he could have a lucrative career as a Twitter selfie photographer. I hear he's taking applications for interns as we speak.

Cute pic, guys.

Do you think Bradley Cooper would care if Ellen used this photo on her show?


Image via ... Bradley Cooper I guess

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