Kate Middleton Gets Queen's Permission to Kick Another Tradition to the Curb

prince william prince georgeSince getting married, and it seems especially since becoming parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William have broken plenty of royal rules ... for the sake of modernizing the monarchy and just doing what's best for them and their son, Prince George. Well, now we can officially add one more to the growing list.

As previously rumored, Prince William will definitely be flying with little George Down Under next month, despite traditional protocol, which generally dictates that direct heirs cannot travel together in case of an accident. But it's all good, because the Queen has granted her grandson special permission to fly with his tot!


They'll reportedly board a scheduled flight from London in time to touch down in Wellington on April 7, and then rest before their jam-packed itinerary kicks off on the 9th. The Mirror acknowledges that flying with a baby -- especially for 24 hours -- is sure to be challenging for the royal couple, but we know they're going to have George's new nanny for backup and an 11-person entourage, so that should set the royal parents' minds at ease a bit.

What's more, the royal tour is definitely setting up to be worth the rule-breaking and potentially stressful travel for Kate and Wills. William's private secretary, Miguel Head, said in a press briefing this week:

There's no hiding the enthusiasm for this visit by both the Duke and the Duchess. The Duke, because he has been before, and the Duchess because she has never been to either country but has wanted to do so for as long as she can remember.

Aww! Makes us even more excited to follow the highly anticipated trip!

How do you feel about Prince William breaking protocol to fly with George?


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