Robert Pattinson Manages to Make a Dorky Style Look Dashing (PHOTO)

robert pattinson From the looks of it, Robert Pattinson has been having a blast on the set of his new film Life, currently shooting in Toronto, Canada. Not only has he been frolicking around with cattle in a snowy field -- inspiring a meme that has made waves the web over -- but he's been spotted with some camera equipment on the farm set, sipping on hot coffee to get warm and smoking up a storm (which isn't exactly MY version of fun or sexy, for that matter, but RPattz seems to be enjoying it).

Now, pics have emerged of the movie star wearing dorky winter weather apparel and making it look, yep, you guessed it -- fun! Not sure if it is part of his costume for the 1950s biopic, but either way, it still made quite the impression ...


robert pattinson life movie earmuffs

See, you gotta love Rob in earmuffs! How does he manage to wear those and still look so dashing?! No, but seriously -- what a good sport he is to put up with this frigid shoot. Once this flick wraps, the guy definitely deserves a tropical vacay!

What has been your fave look on Rob during his shoot on Life?


Images via Macca/Splash News

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