Kate Middleton & Prince William's Royal Tour Drama Has Already Begun

Prince William Kate Middleton

Sheesh! Their Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand hasn't even kicked off yet, and already, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been snubbed by the Maori king, who boldly declined the meeting he was offered with them.

King Tuheitia apparently didn't feel that the 90-minute time slot he would be permitted to spend with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was adequate enough. His peeps turned down the couple and they won't be popping over to see him after all.

Um, who else thinks this dude is acting like a 5-year-old?


Given just how busy Prince William and Kate will be during the time they spend Down Under, this guy should've been jumping up and down over the fact that he was going to get to see them at all, let alone for a full hour and a half. (Gah. What a diva.)

Oh, and did I mention that supposedly the 90-minute slot was a longer time frame than anyone else on the tour has been offered thus far? Something tells me none of the royal couple's other meetings have been declined even if they happen to be much shorter than that. (I'd settle for 90 seconds in the same room as them, wouldn't you?)

Man. Hopefully this is the last of the drama Wills and Kate will have to contend with before and during their trip. Being away from home is tough enough without people treating you like they're better than you are.

Do you think Prince William and Kate should be offended?


Image via Anthony Harvey/Getty

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