Kim Kardashian Slammed With a Harsh Dose of Reality After Oscars

Kim KardashianShe seems to be having kind of a rough few days, what with the whole Vienna ball disaster and all, and now it's being reported that Kim Kardashian was snubbed from the Vanity Fair Oscars party, which has her all bent out of shape.

Supposedly she "desperately wanted an invite," and her peeps even reached out to Vanity Fair party host Graydon Carter in an attempt to get Kim's name on the list. But alas, they never heard back from him. And obviously she didn't get to attend the bash.

But wait -- it gets even worse. Wait until you hear why she was not invited.


According to a source who talked to RadarOnline, "Everyone knows Vanity Fair is strictly A-list only, which means no reality stars. It would have been a circus if Kim, along with her mom and sisters, went to the party. Graydon would have gotten nothing but grief from actors that didn’t get an invite!"

D'oh! So basically, Kim was not invited to the Vanity Fair party because the dude hosting it was afraid if he made an exception for the Kardashian ladies, he'd have to do the same for other folks hoping to find their names on the guest list. Oh, and then there's the "Kim isn't A-list" bit. Ouch. (You know that one had to hurt just a tad.)

Oh well. Even though she may not have gone to the party she wanted to attend, Kim looked smokin' hot in her red gown. It does look like she had a fairly decent time at Elton John's little bash.

Still. I guess no one can blame her for having her feelings hurt over the Vanity Fair party ... if she did have her heart set on going, that is. There's always the chance whoever this "insider" is could be starting rumors just for the sake of drama.

Do you think Kim was really left off the guest list?


Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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