Justin Bieber Gushes About Selena Gomez in Mushy Post

The best revenge is feeling your best and leading a healthy and happy life. Selena Gomez proved that last night when she showed up at an Oscars after-party looking absolutely breathtaking in a floor-length Emilio Pucci gold gown and side-parted sleek hairstyle. And her many fans weren't the only ones noticing her angelic appearance. Ex -- or is he? -- Justin Bieber was so besotted with Selena that he posted her photo on his Instagram with the caption: "Most elegant princess in the world." So. What does this mean, exactly?


My best guess is that Justin, who turned 20 this past weekend, is feeling some serious regret over his split with Selena. Perhaps now that he is kind-of being forced to calm down right before his scheduled court appearances, he has realized that it would be nice to have a girl by his side who is classy and could help elevate him instead of dragging him down. The words he chose in his post were sweet -- the kinds of words boys use when they're trying to woo a girl. Is this his attempt to win Selena back? If so, it's a decent start, I guess. But maybe it would be more considerate of him to back off and give her space at this point?

That's what it sounds like Selena's friends would prefer he do. Pals like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, who set recently Selena up with One Direction's Niall Horan, are certainly not fans of Biebs.

My other guess is that Justin and Selena are secretly together and this is his way of subtly breaking the news to his fans. But I'm not buying that theory for a minute. She's moving on. He's staying behind. She's trying to grow up. He's safely and securely planted in his adolescence -- for now. Maybe one day they'll make it happen, but I don't see it anytime soon.

One thing is crystal clear: the singer knows what he's missing. And he should. Selena should keep her head up, keep looking glam, and stay far away from Biebs right now.

What do you make of Justin's post about Selena on his Instagram?


Image via Instagram

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