Oprah Winfrey Ends Nasty 7-Year Feud With Another Big Star

oprah and snoop doggOne of Hollywood's longest feuds may finally be over. It looks like Oprah Winfrey and Snoop Dogg have finally made peace. In case you didn't know about their big-time beef, it all started seven years ago when the onetime Queen of Daytime slammed the rapper in front of the world.


It all began in 2007 when Oprah accused him of being the main culprit behind misogyny in hip-hop. She was fed up with the way women were described and treated in rap music -- and understandably so. Many would agree it often painted a degrading picture.

Rappers, of course, saw it differently and were angered by Oprah's attack. "I don't like her no more," Snoop responded. "I really was offended, because I kind of like her. Liked her." He went on to defend himself, saying, "I'm very articulate, very intellectual. She didn't even get a chance to even know me."

Though, as far as Oprah was concerned, lyrics that called women "bitches" and "hos" and glorified sex and gang life were all she needed to know.

But all that may be behind them. The pair met up at a pre-Oscars bash, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, it seems to say, "Snoops is my new BFF!" Oprah Instagrammed a photo of the two with the caption: "Our first meeting. Say WHAAAT??!! #Oscarparty" The rapper posted another image that included Gail King, along with the caption, "Black history." It's about time they buried the hatchet. I am sure that original squabble seems like a lifetime ago.

Do you think Oprah is over her beef with Snoop or was she just smiling for the camera?


Image via Instagram

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