Watch Kim Kardashian's Big Date Night Go Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

kim kardashian kris jenner racist remark viennaKim Kardashian had a quite the eventful weekend, for better or worse. Although it looked like she had a blast hanging with her sisters at Elton John's Oscar-viewing party last night, just a couple of nights earlier, she reportedly, understandably had a miserable time at the Vienna Opera Ball, where she was a hired guest of billionaire Richard Lugner.

According to TMZ, while Kim was posing for photos, a dude came up to her in black face and started acting like he was Kanye West. And before that, she was doing an interview in which a random guest said he was waiting to dance until "N****rs in Vienna" came on. Yup. Video footage of the insane moment has now surfaced, so you can watch and cringe along with Kim ...


WOW. Just ... wow. You can clearly see the incredulous look spread across Kim's face and how she tries to contain it. But she didn't do a very good job, and you know what, she shouldn't have had to! I can't even believe the host laughed in response. What a vile moment.

I'm sure that since becoming famous, Kim's had to deal with some seriously, even unwittingly horrendous, and yes, racist people like this a lot, but still, ew ew ewww. No wonder she got out of there as soon as she could!

What do you think about Kim's reaction?

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