Kate Middleton Breaks Tired Royal Rule Because It's Best for Prince George

kate middleton baby prince georgeWell, that didn't take long! Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have officially been looking for a new nanny since January, being that Jessie Webb, who took care of Wills as a boy and has been taking care of Prince George, is now retiring at the age of 71. Now, although the palace has yet to confirm, rumor has it that they've hired a young European nanny for their upcoming trip to Australia.

Lovely! Except, apparently, this has jaws dropping everywhere, because it's a major break from tradition.


It's customary for the royal family to enlist older British nannies with "old school manners"; however, Kate and Wills' new hire is "foreign" -- no word on where she is from exactly -- and she's "about 22" years old. Scandal!

If this is true, I'm sure that they vetted this young woman big time and have solid reasons for bringing her on to look after the little heir to the throne. I wouldn't be surprised if Queen Elizabeth II has even signed off on it, too, as Kate and her grandmother-in-law seem very close lately.

What's more, if the royal couple or their new nanny have any Qs, it sounds like Jessie will only be a stone's throw away, as the Daily Mail's source explains, "[Kate and William] both adore Jessie and will be keeping in close touch with her." And Kate's mom Carole Middleton is also reportedly "stepping into help," which we learned way back when George was born breaks with tradition, too, but hey, even more proof that we're embarking on a whole new era for the monarchy. And we love it!

How do you feel about Kate and Wills breaking with tradition in this way?

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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