'Bachelor' Juan Pablo’s Bad Rep May Be Ruining His Future

juan pabloCurrent Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis can't catch a break. Not only is he being slammed by the women who were once vying for his heart and former Bachelorette star Trista Sutter, now he is getting dissed by Dancing With the Stars.


Word is, Juan Pablo was a shoo-in for the new season of DWTS. That, in itself, isn't a big surprise. Several other Bachelors have made the cut, including Jake Pavelka and Sean Lowe. It certainly wasn't their ballroom dance moves that earned them a spot on the show. They were talked-about TV stars -- just like Juan Pablo.

There is just one big difference -- all the chatter about JP has been incredibly negative in recent weeks. He's accused of being insincere, shallow, and an all-around bad guy. So now ABC is reportedly backing away from an offer. "He is just too risky," a source told Eonline. "There's too much negativity."

That seems ridiculously unfair. They didn't worry about bad press when they hired notorious boozer Snooki Polizzi or Kim Kardashian and Bristol Palin, who both have their share of haters. Besides, is Juan Pablo really the douchiest of the douche bags that have been on reality TV? NO.

The producers are thinking about this situation the wrong way. The fact that he has so many enemies may be good for ratings. It certainly helped when Bristol joined the show. People tuned in every week to either cheer her on or to watch her fall on her face. So why not give Juan Pablo a chance?

Do you believe all the nasty things people are saying about Juan Pablo?


Image via ABC

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