Heidi Klum Is Already Hot & Heavy With Her New Boyfriend

heidi klumIt's barely been a month since Heidi Klum broke up with her bodyguard boyfriend, and she's reportedly already "serious" with another dude: 27-year-old art world royal, Vito Schnabel. (Yes, Julian Schnabel's son.) If you're up on all things gossip, you may recall Vito as the certain ex-boyfriend of yet another "older" Hollywood celeb: Demi Moore. Demi and Vito dated for what seemed to be approximately four minutes a few months ago, which is all fine and good. But what I want to know is: What is Heidi doing getting hot 'n' heavy with another dude so soon?


According to reports, Klum and Schnabel were nearly inseparable in Hollywood during Oscar week, and pals are claiming that the relationship has become serious. A source said that Heidi and Vito are "really into each other and this is not a fling." Heidi apparently is "besotted" with Schnabel, and the two were "all over each other" at a pre-Oscars party. Cool. But also ... weird.

Clearly, Heidi is an incredibly beautiful woman, who likely has a gaggle of bros banging down her door at any given moment in her life. But since she and Seal split, I feel like she hasn't gone to the bathroom alone! I mean, sure, being with someone is a lot more fun than being without, but -- and I'm not therapist here -- it probably wouldn't hurt her to take a small breather from relationships. I suppose she and Vito could fall madly in love and get married and be together forever and ever amen, but let's be real, guys: That's probably not going to happen.

I'd love to see Heidi try her hand at singledom for a while. I really think it would be a while before she began missing men, as she's got four kids and a very successful career to keep her busy. And one thing is for sure: There will be plenty of Vitos around when she's ready to date again.

Do you think Heidi and Vito are going to last?


Image via Heidi Klum/Instagram

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