Kristen Stewart Is Finally Going to Get What She Deserves

Kristen StewartAs time goes on, it really seems like she's getting her life back on track again -- or at least when it comes to her career. Lionsgate just bought the distribution rights to America Ultra, the new movie Kristen Stewart is set to star in with Jesse Eisenberg, for a cool $7 million.

The flick is going to begin shooting in New Orleans in five weeks, and the assumption is that if Lionsgate was willing to shell out all that cash, odds are good it's not going to disappoint at the box office.

And in the wake of all the (ongoing) drama that's happened since her split from Robert Pattinson, who else thinks this might be exactly what Kristen needs to redeem her scarred image once and for all?


If this movie winds up being a big deal, it could potentially make people forget about her Twilight role and start seeing her as a serious actress again.

And in addition to getting her career back on the right path, starring opposite Jesse might make people stop associating her with Rob (though rumors of a romance between them are bound to pop up) -- and then maybe we'll all wake up one day and won't even remember the little (ahem) scandal that went down.

But if nothing else, at least filming American Ultra will keep Kristen busy and will hopefully take her mind off all the negative stuff that's plagued her over the past year or so. It's probably about time we all cut her a break -- and she deserves the chance to start over just as much as anyone.

Do you think this movie could change everyone's opinion of Kristen?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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