Jared Leto's Touching Oscar Speech Proves He's a Total Mama's Boy (VIDEO)

Jared Leto

Jared Leto must have known he was going to win the Best Supporting Actor award at the Academy Awards, because he clearly had his speech prepared. Leto started off talking about a young mom who was pregnant with her second child, a high school drop out, who "struggled to make a better life for her children." That mom, of course, was Leto's mom, Constance, who got to watch from the audience as her son took the first award of the evening.


Jared's mom was the first person he thanked. But his touching, sincere, mock-proof speech managed to mention everyone from the millions who have died from AIDS, to the people "fighting to make their dreams come true" in the Ukraine. Nor did he neglect to thank those who helped make the film he starred in as a transgendered woman, Dallas Buyers Club.

But Jared is clearly mostly thankful to his mom, who raised him and his older brother, Shannon, with his maternal grandparents in Louisiana.

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Jared was so tickled to be able to bring his mom to an Oscars ceremony -- who wouldn't be? -- that he recently uploaded a photo of his mom at the ecstatic moment he told her that she would be his date. Aw, notice how much the boys love to bring their moms to the Oscars? Leonardo DiCaprio brought his too.

No wonder Jared has such skill playing sensitive types -- from My So-Called Life's Jordan Catalano to DBC's Rayon.

I'm sure Jared and his mom will have a blast at the after parties. What a good boy he is!

Would you thank your mom if you won an Oscar?


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