The Royal Trip Down Under Will Officially Revolve Around Prince George

Prince GeorgeWhile we've suspected it would happen for awhile, this weekend came the official royal word: Prince George will definitely be joining his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, on their journey to New Zealand and Australia. The folks there will be privileged to witness his first public engagements, which will take place between April 7-25.

William's private secretary, Miguel Head, told People the delay in the final decision was to make extra sure that Kate and Will were comfortable with taking the prince, who will be almost 9 months old at the time, on such a big trip. Now they are.


He told People:

It is entirely their own decision. The times he may join them [on engagements] is driven by the same desire – that nothing other than their own considerations and comfort will be taken into account.

The Queen also had to okay the whole jaunt, which she apparently has. Now they just need one more important thing -- a new nanny to go with them.

The family's schedule will understandably revolve around George. They will have a "hub" and return to him in the evenings after traveling throughout the countries.  The rest of the schedule is a mix of family time, engagements, and parties. Two times it's hoped that George will be in tow include a garden party in New Zealand, and a trip to the zoo in Sydney on Easter Sunday. The Telegraph also reports he may attend a parents and toddlers’ group in Wellington on April 9.

Lucky Australians and New Zealanders. For the rest of, however, hopefully we will at least get more pictures of the adorable little guy, and since there have been so few, we'll take what we can get from here.

Would you take a baby on a trip this big?


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