Bruce Springsteen Tries to Rule Lorde's 'Royals' as 'King Bee' (VIDEO)

Bruce SpringsteenHere's something you simply can't imagine until you actually see and hear it for yourself -- Bruce Springsteen, 64, singing teen sensation Lorde's song "Royals." Fans in Auckland, New Zealand, were there to witness the odd feat first-hand at his concert this weekend

With guitar in hand, "The Boss" kicked off the show with it. For the most part, he stuck to the lyrics, but made a few adjustments, such as subbing in, "you can call me king bee." In the crowd, you can hear a mix of laughter, cheers, and seeming bewilderment as to if he was really doing this. But he did, and it was ... Interesting. Watch for yourself and see what you think.


Interesting, right? And not that horrible. As soon as I got over the fact that he wasn't joking, I had moments where I thought it worked ... sort of. Mostly it was just odd. 

It's not as random as it seems, since Lorde is from New Zealand. So it was a sweet tribute to her in her homeland, and I'm sure she was honored. Let's just hope it was a one-time thing. He makes a better boss than bee.

What do you think of Bruce Springsteen's version of 'Royals'?


Image via YouTube

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