Kendall Jenner May Have Been Pushed to Do Half-Naked Modeling Gig

kendall jenner E!Kendall Jenner may be currently preoccupied with a heart left broken by Harry Styles, but she should rest assured that at least her career is bound for success -- if her mother Kris Jenner has anything to say about it. And apparently, Kris has had plenty to say about it lately, even going so far as to make her "dress sexier in her quest to keep the family in the limelight," according to a questionable new story from Life & Style.

A supposed "insider" says, "Kris sees a business opportunity in Kendall," and -- get this -- the notorious momager was actually the mastermind behind Kendall showing her nipples at the Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week! Bhahahaha!


Totally saw that one coming! The tabloid quotes a friend of the family as saying, "She didn’t have to show her nipples on the runway, but Kris knew that would get the most attention.” And the source goes on to note, "I’m sure Kris had a say in what she wore."

Yes, they sound very sure ... Pffft.

Then again, considering all the gushing from sisters Kim and Khloe about the gig, and the fact that Kris has most likely had a hand in launching all of her daughters' careers -- and doing so by exposing and documenting the most private parts of their lives, I wouldn't be THAT surprised if she also orchestrated this for Kendall. And if she did, so what? As long as Kendall is cool with her mom's suggestions, we should be too.

Would you guess Kris played a part in Kendall's most recent "Nipplegate"?


Image via E!

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