Miley Cyrus May Have Twerked Robin Thicke Into Divorce

Robin ThickeEver since Robin Thicke and Paula Patton broke up, people have been wondering what the hell could have gone wrong! They seemed so perfect! Just kidding. Robin seemed like a sleaze bucket and everyone assumed his ass-grabby and twerking antics were behind Paula giving him the heave-ho. But apparently ... everyone would be right! Sources tell TMZ that Miley Cyrus was the beginning of the end for the couple. Rumor has it that Paula was totally devastated and enraged after the pair's raunchy performance at the VMAs.


What supposedly pissed off Paula was that the scandalous grinding Miley made up against her hubby's person was unplanned but that Robin played along.

Hmmm. Not sure I'm buying this. Why would Paula be threatened by Miley? And something that happened in front of millions of people? And that supposedly wasn't even Robin's fault -- he just had to play along when Miley started grinding on him. Of course he had to play along. What else was he supposed to do? Halt the proceedings, point to his wife, and say, "Sorry, Miley, Paula wouldn't approve"?

Come on! They were putting on a performance. Nothing to see here.

As for what Robin pulled after the show -- ass-grabbing on some blond girl -- well, that's another story. Paula has every right to be pissed about that one. However, it seems unlikely that that alone would tear apart a 23-year relationship with a 4-year-old child involved.

Maybe Miley and the ass grabby were just the straws that broke the marriage's back.

My guess is there was a lot more going on here than meets the eye. But given that everyone is saying it was Paula who wanted out and Robin who is trying to win her back -- well, that just pretty much proves it was Robin in the wrong. But whatever he did that made Paula take this drastic step -- I doubt it had to do with Miley. And if it did, then Paula is more insecure than anyone realized. Perhaps with good reason!

Do you think Miley broke up their marriage?


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