Pippa Middleton Can Thank Kate Middleton for Ruining Her Dream

Pippa MiddletonGood grief. If Kate Middleton were your sister, wouldn't you assume your life would be all sorts of charmed and perfect? I mean, sharing blood with one half of one of the most famous couples in the world should at least bring its fair share of perks. Or so you'd think.

But considering Pippa Middleton was just dropped by her publisher, it looks as though having a sister in a position of power isn't a guarantee that your career will take off.


Remember that party planning book, Celebrate, that Pip wrote? Yeah, well apparently it only sold like 18,000 copies, which totally killed any hope of her landing a second book deal.

Get a load of what a source from Viking Press had to say about Pippa's venture with book writing:

Pippa's Celebrate sales are nothing to celebrate. She was a superstar after the wedding, and everybody thought it would be a success. Even Sarah Ferguson sold more books when she started her writing.

Um ... ouch? (That was just a tad harsh, don't you think?)

But seriously, given what a huge hit she was after Kate's wedding -- you'd think people would've immediately rushed out to buy her book. Huh. Maybe being Kate's sister actually wound up doing her more harm than good -- because nobody took her seriously or thought of her as a legitimate writer.

Or maybe fans were just bummed out that her book didn't feature a collection of photos of her now infamous bridesmaid dress?

Either way, Pippa being fired is definitely proof that not everything associated with Kate is all unicorns and roses.

And just like that, there goes the fantasy world we were all hoping to come back to in our next lives.

Are you surprised that Pippa's book was a flop?


Image via Clive Brunskill/Getty

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