Robert Pattinson May Have Dumped KStew to Please Another Woman

Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartAm I the only one who kind of assumed that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up because he just couldn't get over the fact that she cheated on him with a married dude?

I mean, they were together off and on for so long that the whole Rupert Sanders thing had to be what caused them to fall apart, right?

Maybe ... maybe not.

As it turns out, there's a possibility that another third party was involved who wound up being the demise of Robsten.


Duh. Rob's mum may have influenced him to cut KStew loose.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, Rob said, "My mum's quite a dominant personality."

And while that statement could mean any number of things, as Entertainmentwise so cleverly pointed out, it could be an indication that Rob knew Kristen would never have his mother's seal of approval.

Makes sense, right? What mum is cool with a woman cheating on her son? And in turn, what man feels good about staying with someone he knows his family disapproves of?

Staying in a long-term relationship with someone who does not get along with the people in your life who are closest to you really isn't ideal. Sure, it's ok to work around for a little while, but then eventually you have to take sides whether you like it or not. And considering Kristen wasn't faithful to Rob, no one would be surprised if he decided to put his family first and break up with her once and for all.

You know what they say. "If mum isn't happy, then nobody's happy."

And something tells me mama Pattinson is pretty content these days.

Would you ever break up with someone simply because your mom did not like them?


Image via Carlos Alvarez/Getty

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