Seth Rogen Wows in Washington With Humorous & Heartfelt Speech

Seth Rogen Funnyman Seth Rogen is probably most well known for his signature quips and his, uh, memorable laugh. He's getting notice today not because of his latest blockbuster hit comedy, but for something altogether different and totally unexpected. Rogen spoke out in Washington this week on a subject that's very personal to him, and one that affects thousands of Americans annually: Alzheimer's. He opened up as he pleaded for more awareness and treatment options, sharing details about the quick decline of his mother-in-law before she was even 60.

While the story Rogen was sharing was a tragic one, he was by no means somber in his delivery. He opened up -- as can be expected -- with some great jokes. He told everyone that he was there for two reasons, one, obviously, to talk about Alzheimer's, but the other was because he "really likes House of Cards."


It says a lot -- and all of it positive -- that Rogen was able to use not just his star clout, but his sense of humor to reach out. How many dour speeches have we heard, imploring politicians to take a call to action about a million different causes?

Even activist celebrities aren't known for their captivating speeches. Rogen used his natural humor to engage his audience, and it made his remarks that much more affecting and personal. He also admitted just how little he understood Alzheimer's until someone he knew became afflicted with it. Rogen should be applauded for his efforts. Hopefully they will have an impact -- in fact, you could argue they already have. Look at how many people are talking about Alzheimer's today because of him!

Do you think Seth's humorous approach was the way to go?


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