Khloe Kardashian May Be Giving Lamar Odom One Last Chance

khloe kardashian lamar odomJust when we thought Khloe Kardashian was completely OVER Lamar Odom and ready to move on with her life and maybe even ready to move on from posting all those vague-but-pointed messages on social media, she's at it again. And this time, the message she posted must be directed at her estranged husband.

Check it out ...


Very true, Khlo, very true. But what's the point in even going there and pointing out the obvious that it seems Lamar is more interested in saying he's sorry than showing it and actually being it? Is it because she's opening the door for a re-do? Oh, pleeease, let's hope not!

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I've always been of the belief that people can change. But it sounds like Khloe's given Lamar so many chances already to be that person who isn't "just very good with the word 'sorry.'" And he's done nothing but proven himself incapable of making things up to her. She must've realized that he was more about empty words than genuine action a while ago. Otherwise, I doubt she would have pulled the trigger on filing for divorce.

That said, fingers crossed this has nothing to do with giving Lamar a bazillionth chance and that she's only reiterating what she definitely deserves ... from another man!

Do you think there's a chance Khloe would let Lamar try to make things up to her?


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