'Girls' Star Engaged to Super Funny Behind-the-Scenes Guy

allison williams lena dunhamBig news regarding one of the girls from HBO's Girls! Someone's getting married -- in real life. It's Marnie. I mean, Allison Williams got engaged to a super talented funny guy. Because Marnie getting married right now would come as a huge shock. Though Jessa did her nuptials really quickly, we saw how that one turned out. (I kind of miss Chris O'Dowd on the show.) 

Allison's soon-to-be-husband is Ricky Van Veen and here's what we know about him.


Allison and Ricky have been together for three years and they met when Allison first began filming the pilot for Girls. Ricky is involved with a lot of behind-the-scenes TV stuff. He produces the show Chopped for the Food Network and he is the co-founder of the super funny CollegeHumor. Oh, he also was a part of launching Vimeo. No biggie. 

Kidding. WAY big deal!

Check out this adorable photo of Ricky and Allison taking the plunge!

Allison's dad, one of our favorite newscasters Brian Williams, is said to love his daughter's fiance. And it seems that maybe Ricky is a bit like Allison's dad despite their different career paths. You've seen Brian Williams doing "Rapper's Delight" right? Love it.

Great news and best wishes to the couple!

Which Girls star do you think will be Allison's maid of honor?


Image via Lena Dunham/Instagram

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