Justin Bieber's Birthday Week Isn't Starting Off So Well (VIDEO)

Justin BieberWas it just a few days ago that we were hoping that Justin Bieber was finally cleaning up his act? Maybe it was the prospect of turning 20 on Saturday and leaving his teen years officially behind that prompted him to lay low in Atlanta these past few weeks.

But it doesn't look like his birthday week is going very well so far, and there's not much evidence to show he has any plans to actually grow up. It might even be worse than last year's birthday disaster.

It started out with his bodyguard getting arrested on felony theft charges. Hugo Hesny allegedly snatched an expensive camera from a paparazzo and tossed it in the back of one of Bieber's SUVs.


On Tuesday, police searched the Bieb's Cadillac Escalade after photographer Jason Winslow pressed charges against Hesny for swiping his camera, which he values at about $10,000. They not only found the camera, but also marijuana and two glass pipes.

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Anyway, Winslow was in Atlanta waiting for Bieber to exit a local “family fun center” when he was asked to leave by Hesny. According to police, Winslow continued to take pictures, but from further away.

Officer K.D. Sawtell said, “Eventually, that same person chased him down in a Cadillac Escalade as Winslow fled in his Chevy SUV." Hesny admitted to opening Winslow’s car door and taking the camera, but claims he wasn’t stealing it -- he just wanted to delete the images.

No word on when he planned to do that, since after taking the $10,000 camera, he tossed it into the back of another SUV and drove off.

Ever the one to care about others (sarc) and how his actions affect them, Bieber profoundly tweeted on Wednesday, “I love sleep.”

Justin didn't swipe the camera, and there's no proof that the drugs were his, but if he really wants to get himself on the straight-and-narrow, then he needs to make sure his employees conduct themselves appropriately. With all the trouble he's been in recently, the last thing he needs is people in his inner circle doing drugs or getting arrested.

Especially with video like this one released on Wednesday showing him wobbling during sobriety tests following his DUI arrest in January. Another birthday means you're another year older, Biebs. It's time to start acting like a grownup.


Do you think Bieber will ever grow up?

Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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