Andi Dorfman Is Now Openly Making Fun of 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo (PHOTO)

andi dorfmanThis season of The Bachelor is definitely a weird one. Every week I'd tune in and wonder how these beautiful, intelligent women were "falling for" someone like Juan Pablo. Now, don't get me wrong -- on paper, this guy is a catch. But between his lack of communication, awkward need to grab every single girl's face, and cringe-worthy make-out sessions, it's safe to say Juan Pablo isn't exactly the guy you want to bring home to your parents.

Which is why it was no surprise that Andi Dorfman kicked JP to the curb after he disrespected her in the fantasy suite. In fact, their argument was so over the top that Andi is now openly making fun of him.

Check out the photo that Andi shared on Twitter after the episode aired:


Yep, that's right, Andi and former contestant Kelly Travisty are reenacting one of the many times Juan Pablo touched Andi's face. This specific time was her eyebrow. He literally was picking at her eyebrow while she was dumping him. I can't make this shit up.

The icing on the cake? The caption read, "eesss oh-kay" -- which is obviously playing off of Juan Pablo's infamous catch phrase this season.

And she didn't stop there ...


So clearly Andi is finding some humor in this whole situation, which I think is great. It's about time people start to call JuanPabs out for how he's been treating the ladies. And I have a funny feeling that the jokes about this dude are not going to stop here.

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What do you think about Andi's comments?


Image via AndiDorfman/Twitter

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