8 Celebrities as Kids -- Can You Guess Who They Are? (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Feb 26, 2014 Celebrities

How fun are celebrity throwback photos? Not only do they give us an opportunity to see how much our fave celebs have changed over the years, they serve as proof that sometimes even the most gorgeous actresses and singers struggled with really bad hair days. Take the girl in this shot. Nowadays, she's a stunning actress on a hit TV series. You'd expect that maybe she looked like a teen goddess or that she had to be homecoming queen.

But the girl with this mullet and big gap in her teeth is actually ...

Mad Men's January Jones -- can you believe it?! The star posted this awesome throwback photo on her Instagram account. She was adorable, for sure, but I would have never recognized the Grace Kelly lookalike from her childhood photograph.

This picture has us thinking about other celebrities and how they looked when they were younger. Check out the slideshow and see if you can guess who the 7 female stars are based on their "before" photos.

Were you able to guess all of them?


Image via Instagram

  • Before She Was Queen ...


    Image via Instagram

    This singer and her sister look like they were pretty tight before both became superstars ...

  • Beyonce!


    Image via Instagram

    That was easy, wasn't it? Beyonce and her sister Solange Knowles were adorable girls who grew into gorgeous women!

  • She May Annoy Us Sometimes, But She Was a Cutie Pie ...


    Image via Instagram

    This singer still has an incredible mane of blonde curls and, we bet, spends a lot of time on the phone with various boy toys ...

  • Taylor Swift


    Image via Instagram

    Her boy-chasing ways may make us roll our eyes at times, but Taylor Swift was born to be a star -- evident even in photos from when she was just a tot.

  • Sassy Sisters ...


    Image via Instagram

    Aww, is there anything cuter than two sisters with such a special bond they even share the same love of girly pink? These siblings are still as thick as thieves ...

  • Kim and Kourtney Kardashian


    Image via Instagram

    Wonder if Kim and Kourtney had any idea people would track their every move when they grew up?

  • Before She Became a Mean Girl ...


    Image via Instagram

    Seriously wishing this talented actress had a genie now. One of her wishes could be that she gets her life and career back on track pronto ...

  • Lindsay Lohan


    Image via Instagram

    Oh, Lindsay, trade that phone and your cocktails for scripts and get back to work. You have far too much talent to waste it!

  • Least Embarrassing Throwback Photo Ever ...


    Image via Twitter

    This funny woman, the blonde to the left, doesn't look like she had any problem finding a date as a teenager. Beauty and personality = world's most perfect teenager?

  • Chelsea Handler


    Image via Instagram

    One of the greatest things about Chelsea Handler is that she doesn't rely on her beauty to get her through -- and judging by her throwback photo, she certainly could have!

  • Litttle Clubgoer in Training ...


    Image via snookinicole.com

    This reality TV star still knows how to work a pair of platform heels, but her outfits are a bit more revealing these days ...

  • Snooki


    Image via Instagram

    Looks like Snooki learned how to pump her fists at all of those middle school dances she attended.


  • Before She Embraced Her Pale Skin ...


    Image via Facebook

    Her pretty smile is the same, but this actress -- who recently gave birth to her second son -- certainly didn't hold back when it came to bronzer and fake tanning.

  • Megan Fox


    Image via Instagram

    Megan Fox embraced her natural good looks and pale skin and became a sensation because of it!

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