Kendall Jenner Shows Just How Desperate the Kardashians Really Are

Kendall Jenner

Ugh. Aren't any reality TV shows actually real anymore? In the latest instance of a show upping the ante on its fake factor, supposedly Kendall Jenner is still living with mom Kris Jenner, even though there was a big hoopla about her moving out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Get this one -- apparently a source told RadarOnline that Kendall merely acted like she's packing her bags in an effort to make it look like there's some sort of big rift developing between the members of the KDash crew.


Oh, and supposedly the family has even been joking that she'll be the last one to cut the cord and get her own pad, even though she's 18 and more than capable enough of living on her own.

If this is true and Kendall really is sticking close to home for the time being, you gotta wonder just how desperate the Kardashians are getting to keep their show afloat. Honestly, it's hard to believe that anyone is really all that interested in watching it at all anymore. I guess it sort of makes sense for them to pull out all the stops as far as creating extra drama goes.

But if Kendall faked her move, it's tough not to wonder how many other things going on in the fam are completely untrue and/or fabricated.

Huh. (Kind of makes you scratch your head a little, doesn't it?)

Do you think any aspect of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is real and unscripted?


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