New Photo of Kim Kardashian & Baby North Pretty Much Says It All

North West

You guys? I don't care if you're a fan of hers or not; after you see a new picture of Kim Kardashian with baby North West taken at JFK airport in New York, your heart will absolutely melt.

It's not often that we get to see Kim in a motherly role, what with all of the glitz and glamour that usually surrounds her.

And that makes it pretty easy to forget that underneath her celebrity exterior, Kim really is just a regular mom doing the best to take care of her kid, just like the rest of us.

Get ready to feast your eyes on what might be the sweetest picture of Kim we've ever seen.


Kim Kardashian and North West

OMG. Just look at how she's tenderly smooching her baby girl! It's obvious that she's totally enamored of her -- as she should be.

And how gorgeous is little Nori? What a cutie pie. It's so nice when we get these rare glimpses of her -- especially when she's having an adorable moment with her famous mama.

Do you think Kim is a good mom?


Images via Instagram; Splash

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